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HHO Dry Cell plans includes a FREE hho torch plan

HHO TorchOver at Punch Dry Cell Plans, they sell one of the best HHO Dry Cell kits on the market. This kit you install in your car to increase your mileage by creating HHO gas and feeding into your engine through the air intake. This process really increases your gas mileage and reduces emmissions. Well, if you scroll down on their site, you will notice that you also receive FREE plans for their HHO torch (image on left).

So, if you’re thinking what I’m thinking… Simply purchase the plans. Then build the HHO Dry Cell kit and instead of installing it in your car, build the torch tip and use it as your new torch. This torch works as well as a settling torch but the only thing you need is 12v power with at least 10 amps and water!!!

Take a look at their Dry Cell Plans and build the HHO Torch. You’re done!!

Click here to view their product

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HHO Torch Plans

Have you wanted to build your own HHO Torch so you can cut any metal without using a Settling Torch? This site will bring you the best HHO Torch on the market that you can build yourself with supplies from your local hardware store. Total cost of the torch should be between $100 and $200 US dollars and the only fuel you need is water!!

Here is a video of someone that built a HHO torch: